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The fourth training course for mediators of Beijing multi mediation Development Association was succ


On July 1-2, 2017, the fourth two-day mediator training course organized by Beijing multi mediation Development Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Association) was successfully completed. Since its establishment, more than 280 mediators have participated in the training meeting. Jiang Huiling, director of China Institute of applied law, Fan Yu, Professor of Renmin University of China, Lei Yunlong, deputy director of the Executive Bureau of Beijing Higher People's court, were invited to give lectures.

    At the training meeting, Zhai Jingmin, President of the association, launched a mobilization. He introduced the functional orientation of the association and stressed that the association is a platform for communication, coordination, mutual learning and common development between various industries and professional mediation organizations. And from the industry, professional mediation to participate in social governance, to meet the social governance, the importance of the mediation work is elaborated.

In the process of the multi-element mediation, the director of the Institute of justice, Mr. Jiang's participation in the research of the mediation mechanism and the application of the mediation mechanism in China were stimulated. Fan Yu, a professor at Renmin University of China, gave a lecture on the development trend of mediation in the contemporary world, and led the students to have a deep understanding of the development status and background of mediation systems in various countries in the world by using the method of comparative analysis, thus broadening the horizons of mediators. Lei Yunlong, deputy director of the Executive Bureau of the Municipal Higher People's court, elaborated on the constituent elements of the enforcement basis, the common problems existing in the implementation basis in practice and the remedies. Chai Jingjing, the judicial reform office of the Supreme People's court, systematically explained the theory and practice of China's court's specially invited mediation system. Li Hongxing, President of the sixth civil court of Haidian District People's court, taught mediators mediation skills and methods with a large number of vivid cases. Fan Lin, a judge of the case filing division of the Municipal Higher People's court, made an all-round interpretation of the mechanism and process of litigation mediation docking in Beijing court from theory to practice and then to analysis.

The training course is compact and rich in content, which covers the macro level and wide vision courses of diversified mediation concepts, policies and overseas development, as well as the micro level and practical operation courses such as mediation methods, skills, experience and rules. It was highly praised by the mediators participating in the training.

Up to now, the association has held four sessions of qualification training for mediators, three industrial and professional training, and one outward bound training. In the future, the association will further strengthen the training of mediators, further improve the scientific mediation course, and provide strong human resources guarantee for the diversified mediation in Beijing.