Leaders of Beijing Municipal Bureau of justice, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of justice and Secretary Ge





On the morning of October 16, Wang Qun, the second level inspector of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of justice, Liang Wenhui, deputy director of the lawyers' office, Liu Jizhi, deputy director of the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of justice, Shang Zengjie, director general of the lawyers' Association, Feng Zhidong, Secretary General of the lawyers' Association, Qi Juan, director of the equipment and finance department, Shao Shunxin, a cadre of the second division of people's participation and promotion of the rule of law, and Zhang Jing, a lawyer's office, visited the Beijing multi mediation Development Association (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Association) research and discussion.

     After watching the promotional film of the association, President Zhai Jingmin introduced the development process of the association since its establishment and the important role played by lawyer mediation in the Promotion Association platform.

     Subsequently, the participants discussed the concept, positioning, workflow, fee collection and how to better mobilize the enthusiasm of lawyers mediators.

Inspector Wang Qun introduced the basic practice of Beijing Judicial Bureau in promoting lawyer mediation work. First, law firms were encouraged to use To join the association in the form of "mediation center"; to promote the establishment of "lawyer mediation center" by bar associations at municipal and district levels; to select more lawyers to join the people's mediation team; and to encourage law firms to apply for mediation institutions with the nature of "private non enterprise".

Deputy director Liu Jizhi highly appreciated the association's practice of building a platform for lawyers' mediation and the Judicial Bureau's support, encouragement and joint participation in social governance, and said that good experience should be brought back to further promote the in-depth development of lawyer mediation in Tianjin.

Wang Qing, director of Beijing Zhizhou family mediation center, Zhu Hongxia, director of Beijing Jingshi marriage and family dispute mediation center, and Kang Aijun, director of Beijing Dadi construction engineering and real estate dispute mediation center, attended the forum.