Brief report on the work of the Council of Beijing multi mediation Development Association


    On the afternoon of December 4, the Council of Beijing multi mediation Development Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Association) was convened, and 20 directors attended the meeting.


    Zhai Jingmin was the president  Opportunities and challenges of multi mediation and exploration and thinking in practice ”Report on the work of  Zhai In his report, the president briefly reviewed the work of the association since its establishment. Firstly, the opportunities for diversified mediation were presented, and the development direction of multi-party participation, from point to surface, and gradually covering all fields of society; secondly, the challenges faced by diversified mediation; thirdly, the exploration in practice, emphasizing the joint discussion, co construction and sharing, Strive to build  Fengqiao Experience  Better vision for the upgraded version.


The Council members deliberated and approved the work report of President Zhai, and unanimously agreed that mediation plays a unique role in resolving disputes and promoting the modernization of social governance. The experience and practice of the association has formed the characteristics of China, Beijing and the times The upgraded version of "Fengqiao Experience" has achieved good social effects. At present, the work of the association is facing a critical period from small to large, from weak to strong, from initial results to the formation of scale effect We will continue to promote the transformation of experience achievements, system achievements, concept achievements and technical achievements, realize the innovation and development of the work, and build a modern mediation service center with intensive and efficient, diversified dispute resolution, convenience for the people, intelligence and precision, openness, interaction, integration and sharing, so as to make positive contributions to the governance of litigation sources.

The meeting deliberated and passed the "civil and commercial cases mediation fee management measures", "case allocation measures", "mediation supervision and assessment" and other documents; deliberated and approved the application of new member units.