General meeting briefing

From December 23 to 26, 2019, the Beijing multi mediation Development Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Association) held the working meeting of the 2019 annual general meeting. Wang Zhongfeng, director of the key rectification division of the political and Legal Commission of the municipal Party committee, Liu Qingquan, researcher, Yang Yan, chief of the filing division of the Municipal High Court, Liang Wenhui, deputy director of the lawyer Work Office of the Municipal Bureau of justice, Cao Yuqian, and judge Gao Nan of the supervision group of the filing division of the municipal high court , and heads of 114 member units attended the meeting.


President Zhai Jingmin made it two thousand and nineteen Report on the work of the Beijing Association for the development of multiple mediation. He aimed at cultivating incubation industry and professional mediation organizations, improving the capital's diversified mediation organization system; comprehensively standardizing mediation work rules, procedures, fees and litigation mediation docking work through the work practice of the demonstration mediation center; playing the role of a hub type social organization to do a good job in case guidance and service guarantee of mediation organizations; and organized member units to study and implement the tenth five year plan We should strengthen the correct political direction, give full play to the role of retired senior judges, comprehensively improve the legal quality of mediation organizations, establish a professional lawyer legal service group, use the work platform of the Promotion Association to participate in resolving industrial and professional conflicts and disputes, facilitate the masses, work ahead, strengthen the construction of work stations, timely and effective settlement of disputes, and carry out publicity and research work Eight aspects introduced the work of the association in detail. Subsequently, the responsible persons of all member units conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions in accordance with the requirements of the meeting: first, summarize the specific measures and achievements of the member units in the mediation work; second, exchange the innovative practices of the member units in the dispute settlement mechanism; third, explore the shortcomings, difficulties and countermeasures and suggestions of the mediation mechanism; fourth, study the next work ideas and methods and emphasis Fifth, with the help of information technology, improve the convenience of dispute resolution services.

Leaders attending the meeting fully affirmed the achievements and experience of the association in the work of 2019, hoping to further strengthen the refining and summary of practical experience in the work in 2020, increase the publicity and guidance of the cultural concept of mediation, improve the social identity of non litigation dispute resolution, and make the promotion association become an important channel to resolve disputes.


Zhai said that the association will strive to promote professional mediation organizations to play an active role in the governance of litigation sources, live up to the care, support and help of leaders at all levels, strengthen the governance of litigation sources, and strive to resolve more disputes in the bud, so as to make positive contributions to social harmony in the capital.