Give full play to the advantages of the industry and profession, and fight the epidemic situation wi

                                                                             ——Summary of recent epidemic prevention and control of Beijing multi mediation Development Association


Before and after the Spring Festival, a new type of coronavirus broke out in Wuhan and spread across the country. The situation of prevention and control was grim. The Beijing Association for the promotion of multiple mediation (hereinafter referred to as the Association) and some member units actively performed their duties to help fight against the new type of coronavirus.



1、 Open a legal consultation hotline to answer questions and solve doubts with a definite aim



Mediation committee Zhai Jingmin, Secretary of the Party branch On January 30, a teleconference was held among the members of the Party branch, asking them to enhance their ideological understanding in extraordinary times, firmly keep in line with the Party Central Committee, obey the organization's arrangements, and do their own things well, which is to contribute to the prevention and control work. We are also required to turn on the mobile phone 24 hours a day to provide legal consultation services for the parties concerned. Beijing public risk prevention center and legal services An important task after the outbreak is "Answer as you ask, answer when you ask" and "answer when you ask". Organizing lawyers to answer questions online Since February 3, we have arranged the staff to provide legal services to customers through the combination of on-site office, online office and division of labor and cooperation, through network, wechat, telephone, email and other channels. Take the initiative to contact customers to understand the needs related to the epidemic situation, To provide professional legal advice and advice. Beijing Bingzheng banking consumer protection and Promotion Center Stick to the post duty, From February 3 to 7, 107 calls were received from consumers, with a total time of 370 minutes, and 79 complaints were transferred. And make propaganda video:《 Jinxiaobao urgent reminder! Using the new pneumonia epidemic situation fraud appears!  Honghewei network mediation center Beijing Jiashan road traffic accident compensation dispute mediation center and other units stay During the epidemic period, we should adhere to law popularization and provide free consultation service on legal issues related to the epidemic. Beijing Huawei medical equipment dispute mediation center mediator More than 50 times of continuous legal services to the medical institutions.


2 Compile laws and regulations, write articles, abide by laws and regulations, and overcome difficulties

Beijing Yaohua Medical Center mediates medical disputes 1. Gather the whole center to produce "Legal Guide for prevention and treatment of new type of coronavirus pneumonia in medical institutions" and "analysis of problems that hospitals should pay attention to during epidemic prevention of new-type coronavirus pneumonia", so as to provide legal opinions for epidemic prevention and control of medical institutions. On January 23, director Zheng Xueqian organized all the staff of the mediation center to sort out and produce the Legal Guide for the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia, and interpreted 12 common legal issues that may be encountered in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, such as reporting the epidemic situation, receiving patients in medical institutions, emergency treatment, and doctor-patient communication in prevention and control More than 200 medical institutions, including those in Hubei, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other areas with severe epidemic situation, received the "guide" as soon as possible, providing legal basis and reference for medical institutions and medical personnel to actively carry out epidemic prevention work. At the same time, we organized the writing of "analysis of problems that should be paid attention to in hospitals during the period of new type coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention", which will be made into a manual and distributed to medical institutions in the near future. The mediation center continued to collect and sort out the consultation questions of various medical institutions during the epidemic prevention and control period, and sorted out the diagnosis and treatment behavior, labor and personnel, donation, privacy protection and other issues that were generally concerned by medical institutions in epidemic prevention. It was working overtime to produce 46 questions of "analysis of problems that hospitals should pay attention to during epidemic prevention of new coronavirus pneumonia", which was sent through wechat at the first time At the same time, it will also produce a legal pamphlet to fight the epidemic situation, which will be distributed to medical institutions across the country to solve the practical difficulties they encounter in epidemic prevention. 2. Give full play to their own expertise in medicine and law, and provide policy suggestions for epidemic prevention and control to the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Health Commission for 7 times to ensure that relevant departments carry out prevention and control work in accordance with laws and regulations. As vice president of the Chinese society of health law, director Zheng Xueqian submitted three suggestions on epidemic prevention and control to the China Law Society on January 23, 26 and 30, 2020, and submitted them to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council through the form of reporting. The proposed epidemic prevention and control policy recommendations are as follows: (1) policy recommendations on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia; (2) legal suggestions on the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection; (3) suggestions on epidemic prevention and control when a large number of people return to the city. Director Zheng Xueqian and mediator Ji Lei were invited to participate in the expert group on epidemic prevention and control organized by the Beijing Lawyers Association to provide expert opinions to the Legal Affairs Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress and the Beijing Lawyers Association. At the same time, director Zheng Xueqian was consulted by the National Health Commission, the China Law Society and the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, and gave professional legal answers on whether to publish the patient's community and related legal issues. Deng Liqiang was invited to participate in the discussion meeting on epidemic prevention and control organized by the emergency office of the National Health Commission, and provided professional legal advice on issues related to the "information on epidemic situation announcement".

Beijing Yihe public institution legal risk prevention service center During the period of epidemic prevention and control, we should pay attention to the issues of "prevention and control of epidemic situation" and "before the introduction of the latest laws and regulations for prevention and control of the epidemic situation", such as "the latest collection of laws and regulations on epidemic prevention and control" and "handling of the latest laws and regulations" should be completed! 》There are 17 articles related to epidemic prevention and control, such as "fighting the epidemic situation, easy peace in action", "key points to deal with labor employment problems caused by the epidemic situation", "laws, regulations and documents classification and compilation of epidemic prevention and control", "garbage disposal points and responsibility tips for prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia", covering tourism, labor employment, property management, community prevention and control, and government Procurement and other aspects.

Beijing Hehong Weiyu remote network mediation center According to the relevant laws and regulations of epidemic situation( "Hehong Weiyu legal point of view" involves the compilation of laws and regulations related to the epidemic situation of new coronavirus )。

Property dispute mediation center of Beijing Property Management Association In cooperation with law firms, the Legal Guide to property management in Beijing during the period of epidemic prevention and control (I) was compiled for the reference of property enterprises in epidemic prevention and control.

Beijing HanKun Insurance Center mediates disputes Public account published There were 4 articles on labor dispute resolution and 5 articles on commercial dispute resolution under the "Xinguan" epidemic situation, such as "New crown pneumonia" epidemic situation and performance disputes: financial industry case sorting and legal analysis, the impact of litigation activities adjustment on litigants' litigation rights and interests during the epidemic prevention and control period, and countermeasures 

Beijing Jiashan road traffic accident compensation dispute mediation center During the epidemic period, the company insisted on popularizing the law and published the new crown pneumonia epidemic. These legal risks must be known! 》Epidemic law review: in the donation storm, does the law stipulate that donations can only be made through charitable organizations such as the Red Cross Society? 》And "big" "Epidemic" current, learn point method! 》And other 3 articles on epidemic law evaluation! During the epidemic period, all over the country court disputes online resolution summary! 》During the epidemic period, there was 1 summary article on online settlement of court disputes in China, and received 2 exclusive interviews with Beijing Youth Daily.

Beijing solang equity dispute mediation center The establishment of the war epidemic situation publicity group, approved Ppt, micro video form of the above-mentioned legal issues in the form of a case, to help citizens overcome the panic caused by the epidemic, blind psychology and even due to ignorance of illegal and criminal acts.

Beijing Shengda leasing and factoring dispute mediation center The work plan of returning to work on schedule and telecommuting was carefully made. The staff epidemic prevention manual was made. Yes 12 hot legal articles under the new epidemic situation, covering public welfare donation, finance and taxation, finance, securities, labor law, etc., are planned to be written to 20 articles, which will be integrated into a volume. At the same time, we have provided one-year daily legal advisory services with more than 20 donation receiving units to support or assist their legal departments or external legal counsel in their work.

Insurance industry dispute mediation committee of Beijing Insurance Association On February 1, according to the information and data submitted by member companies, the association summarized and completed the article "fight against the epidemic situation insurance has love - Beijing insurance industry actively coping with the epidemic situation". After being pushed through the public micro signal of "Beijing Insurance", it received the attention and forwarding Report of 15 media, including people's daily, Bank of China Insurance News, financial times, etc.

Model mediation center Since February 10, more than 30 cases have been received, all of which are difficult and complex cases. The parties concerned are contacted by telephone and wechat to carry out online mediation work. When necessary, offline mediation work is also carried out under the premise of good protection. The remaining two cases are in the process of mediation. Mediators Gao Ping and Zhang Jialin are interviewed by the Central People's broadcasting station.

China Mediation Association Plan to unite with litigation company and legal trust notarization cloud (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd., Lujiang Notary Office of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, and electronic data judicial authentication center of Beijing Network Industry Association (entrusted by the Ministry of Public Security) provide the following public Internet legal services and information technology services for users nationwide, so as to realize the normal operation of employees' home office and business, and realize the online signing of business contracts and various legal documents To deal with and prevent the risk of contract breach caused by force majeure in advance.

The specific service contents are as follows: 1. Notarization of epidemic force majeure (in which the application process of notarial certificate shall be subject to the business process of the notary office) as evidence of exemption or reduction of liability for force majeure; 2. Storage of electronic evidence constituting force majeure; 3. Online electronic signature of contract (with the same legal effect as paper contract); contract storage; 4. Business negotiation telephone recording and certification; and counterfeiting For counterfeiting products and infringing on intellectual property rights, such as using small program web pages, on-site recording, video recording and photographing to obtain evidence; 5. Notification and notarization of force majeure (electronic notice, mailing notice, sending lawyer's letter to deposit the certificate); litigation company will provide each real name authentication user with a voucher worth 500 yuan free of charge (1000 yuan for users in Wuhan area, based on identity information and enterprise's system) 1. Social credit code is the basis for application). This is used for notarization, recording and online service of force majeure.

3 establish Legal service volunteer group, responsible for prevention and control, spare no effort

Beijing Yihe public institution legal risk prevention service center  January 27th Led by Yihe Party branch, it has set up a group of partners, Party member representatives, expert consultants and network technicians "Special working group on legal protection of epidemic prevention and control in ehe". Combined with the current situation of the epidemic situation and the overall work deployment of the state and Beijing, summarize, sort out and analyze the problems found in the epidemic emergency work at all levels and fields participated in during the festival, sort out the work flow, and provide solutions and treatment path suggestions. To organize lawyers to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work of Dongcheng District Lawyers Association 1. Draft the working rules of the legal volunteer service group for epidemic prevention and control in Dongcheng District of Beijing; 2. Actively participate in the volunteer team of epidemic prevention and control of Dongcheng District Law Association, 19 lawyers signed up and became volunteers in the epidemic prevention and control work of Dongcheng Lawyers Association.

Beijing Hehong Weiyu remote network mediation center February 1st establish Zhang Wei, head of the volunteer service group, served as the head of the anti epidemic group. As a member of Xicheng legal advisory group, director Zhang wrote authoritative interpretation of epidemic prevention and control law for Xicheng District government. The Institute also recommended Zhu Wei, Jiang Wei and Deng Chao to participate in the volunteer service of Beijing Federation of industry and Commerce in fighting against new pneumonia.

Beijing Shengda leasing and factoring dispute mediation center On February 6, through the way of remote conference, the "Shengda volunteer team to fight the new epidemic situation" was established. The volunteer team is composed of nearly 20 senior partners, lawyers and paralegals. Kuang Shuangli, director of the law firm, is the head of the team. The party members, lawyers and business backbones are the core members.

4、 Release the proposal and open letter to fight the epidemic

Beijing Science and Technology Center  January 27th Weiheng Institute issued the notice of the CPC Beijing Weiheng law firm Committee on the prevention and control of epidemic situation of Weiheng law firm to all Party branches and all colleagues, Issued on February 5 Proposal on donation to support the fight against new coronavirus.

Power dispute mediation center of China Electric Power Enterprises Federation《 To provide a strong power guarantee to overcome the epidemic situation ——A letter to enterprises all over the country  requirement Electric power enterprises in China  Take immediate action and take various measures to effectively guarantee the power supply and make positive contributions to the epidemic prevention and control. We should adhere to the whole country's one game of chess, pay close attention to the work of electric power security, and prefer to be prepared but not used, rather than available and unprepared, so as to provide an absolutely safe power guarantee for firmly winning the war of epidemic prevention and control.

Insurance contract dispute mediation committee of Beijing Insurance Industry Association association The Beijing Insurance Industry issued the "proposal for Beijing insurance industry to actively respond to the new type of coronavirus pneumonia", established the daily system of industry epidemic prevention and control, played the role of industry coordination, and guided insurance companies to provide insurance guarantee for front-line personnel of anti epidemic service.

Beijing Jiashan road traffic accident compensation dispute mediation center issue "One mind, one mind" --The letter of proposal to all Party members should play the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members and win the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation.

5 raise Charity, charity, charity



Honghewei Beijing remote mediation center On February 1, the donation to the overseas Chinese public welfare foundation of China: 129688 yuan, which is specially used for fighting the epidemic situation and purchasing medical supplies; Beijing Yingke Family Mediation Center establish The honor list of the fund-raising activities of Yingke headquarters and Beijing to fight against the new type of coronavirus pneumonia; Beijing Weiheng technology enterprise commercial dispute mediation center Issued on February 5 Proposal on donation to support the fight against new coronavirus by On the 7th, Weiheng law firm has raised more than 2.33 million yuan and nearly 10000 masks, protective clothing, goggles and other materials.


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