Beijing multi mediation Development Promotion Association and Chaoyang Court have successfully trans

During the epidemic period, in order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of court mediation, recently, the case filing division of Chaoyang Court and the Beijing multi mediation Development Association jointly launched the online "cloud mediation" mode. Through the linkage of "Beijing court multi mediation platform and wechat mobile wechat public account video conference room", zero contact was achieved in the whole process to mediate a private loan dispute. This is also the first case of successful mediation by the Beijing municipal court system through this mode.


Case: if the plaintiff and the defendant, Mr. Wang, have been friends for many years, from 2018 to 2019, the defendant borrowed 260000 yuan from the plaintiff twice because of the need for capital turnover and the payment of liquidated damages for housing sales. Later, the defendant only paid part of the arrears. Now the plaintiff sued the defendant to pay the arrears of 220000 yuan and interest. After receiving the case, the mediator promptly delivered the complaint, evidence and other relevant materials to the defendant, and the two parties reached an initial mediation intention through telephone communication. However, due to the impact of the epidemic situation, both parties were unable to participate in the mediation in court. After the mediation agency communicated with the case filing court, it was adopted for the first time  In the "cloud mediation" mode, a detailed online video mediation was carried out in the wechat mobile micro court video conference room after booking video mediation and obtaining the conference password in the multi mediation platform of Beijing court. In the process of mediation, both parties confirmed the fact of arrears, but the defendant raised objection to the amount of repayment. The mediator fully listened to the interest demands of both parties, searched for breakthrough points according to their differences, fully and carefully checked the loan transfer voucher of both parties, inquired about the repayment process in detail, and combined with the daily relationship, trading habits and court statements of both parties, carefully and patiently explained the law and persuasion, and finally promoted the two parties to reach a settlement: the plaintiff gave up part of the litigation claims and For the interest, the defendant is only required to pay 140000 yuan and overdue interest and bear the litigation costs The defendant agreed same month One time payment of arrears  After the mediation is successful, both parties sign on the conversation record and mediation agreement through the electronic signature system.


After the successful mediation of the case, the judge of the filing Court confirmed the mediation agreement online and delivered the mediation statement to the parties within one week, and the case was successfully mediated.

The successful mediation of the case fully reflects the advantages of online mediation, and effectively achieves "efficient, fast, case closed, matter settled, people and people". The parties feel that it is fast to settle disputes without leaving home, and they fully affirm and highly praise the "cloud mediation" mode of courts and mediation institutions. The first application of "cloud mediation" has achieved satisfactory results.



Beijing multi mediation Development Association

March 19, 2020