Beijing multi mediation Development Association held "network mediation system" training

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the association has taken a number of measures to ensure the two-way normal development of epidemic prevention and control and mediation. In order to solve the space-time constraints of dispute resolution, the Association recently held a training program on "network mediation system" to actively utilize it  platform + intelligence  Construction, the implementation of "non-contact" mediation.



Mr. Li Hongning introduced the online mediation application of Beijing multi mediation platform in detail. Through the case management, appointment mediation procedures, online mediation, the parties complete the signature, electronic file synchronous online circulation five modules of on-site operation explanation, and cooperate with the discussion and exchange, sort out the problems that are easy to appear in the use of the platform, and provide on-site answers, so that the trainees have a detailed understanding of the function of the system platform. In addition, we also discussed how to do a good job in online mediation, the ability and skills of psychological adjustment during the epidemic period, the legal provisions and mediation of high-risk disputes during the epidemic period, and the new ideas and thinking of modern mediation.

Zhai Jingmin stressed that the "network mediation platform" has solved the problem that face-to-face mediation cannot be carried out in time under the current epidemic situation. We hope that we can skillfully use the information system and actively carry out mediation work through telephone, wechat and ODR platforms, so as to realize intelligent mediation and push forward the work of source control.