Beijing Zhenbang marriage and family dispute mediation and service center established

On June 28, 2020, Zhenbang law firm was established in Beijing.

Chu Xueping, director of Beijing Zhenbang law firm, delivered a passionate speech on behalf of the law firm. He first expressed his gratitude to the Beijing multi mediation Development Association (hereinafter referred to as the mediation and Promotion Association) for its support to the mediation and service center, and said that Zhenbang law firm would actively support and cooperate with the work of the mediation and service center and contribute to the establishment of a diversified dispute resolution mechanism in the capital.

Li Ying, director of the mediation and service center, said that the future work of the mediation and service center will present two major features: one is the combination of professionalism and public welfare. The mediation and service center will be committed to strengthening the standardization of professional mediation organizations, especially focusing on the characteristics of marriage and family mediation, integrating feelings, reasoning and teaching methods. At the same time, it will carry out public welfare services for the poor and weak groups. The mediation and service center will work closely with yuanzhongjia court and community development service center of Dongcheng District, Beijing, focusing on exploring the problems of women and children, the elderly and the elderly Secondly, it will embody the characteristics of diversity and comprehensiveness. On the one hand, the mediation and service center will actively participate in the connection of litigation and mediation; on the other hand, it will actively introduce resources of psychological counselors and social workers to provide psychological and social work support for the parties concerned in combination with the needs of the parties, so as to increase the added value of mediation work and better serve the parties.


Zhai Jingmin, chairman of the association, attended the listing ceremony and delivered a speech. He said that in China's judicial practice, resolving disputes through mediation plays an irreplaceable and unique role in promoting the construction of litigation source governance mechanism and resolving social conflicts with low cost and high efficiency. It is also emphasized that the development of professional mediation organizations based on law firms will help to make full use of the capital's high-quality legal resources and reduce the litigation costs of the parties, which is a very important way to resolve disputes. Zhai also introduced the mode and experience of overseas diversified mediation, which greatly inspired everyone. He expressed his support for the future development of the family mediation center.


After the unveiling ceremony, the mediation and service center held the first working seminar to discuss how to promote the establishment of a diversified mediation mechanism for marriage and family affairs and create characteristic products. Everyone expressed that they hoped to contribute to the harmony and stability of the capital with their professional advantages.

     Zhang Wenquan, mediator of the mediation and service center and vice president of the mediation and Promotion Association, attended the unveiling ceremony.