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Beijing multi mediation Development Association

    Beijing multi mediation Development Promotion Association is the first self regulatory organization at the provincial level in China to provide service guarantee for industrial and professional mediation institutions. The purpose of the association is to implement the guidelines and policies of the CPC Central Committee, the Supreme Court and the Municipal Committee on strengthening diversified mediation, integrate the advantageous resources of industrial mediation organizations and professional mediators in Beijing, and promote the overall regulation of industrial mediation organizations To improve the standardization and authority of professional mediation, to meet the needs of the people for a diversified dispute resolution mechanism, and to build a diversified mediation mode with the characteristics of the times and the capital.

     With the implementation of the case registration system on May 1, 2015, the number of cases in courts around the country has increased significantly. The contradiction of "more cases and less people" in Beijing is particularly prominent, and the trial pressure is huge. Although there are professional mediation organizations involved in many professional fields to establish contact with Beijing court, due to the late start of work and the lack of unified management and other factors, industrial and professional mediation is still in the state of "fighting their own way". It is urgent to promote the development of diversified dispute resolution mechanism in Beijing. (please refer to the video for details)