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Beijing multi mediation Development Association participated in the 3rd Beijing social welfare excha

Beijing multi mediation Development Association participated in the 3rd Beijing social welfare gathering video


       The third National Agricultural Fair was held from March 3 to March 2017 in Beijing. On September 1, deputy secretary of Jinghai Municipal Committee attended the opening ceremony. Sponsored by the Municipal Social Work Committee and the Municipal Social Affairs Office, the activity is a concentrated display of the achievements of the "Beijing social welfare line" every year. This activity continued to deepen the theme of "let public welfare come into life" and adhere to the principle of "social public welfare, gathering strength, having you and me, CO building and sharing". Community, social organizations and social enterprises "three social linkage" to build a platform for public welfare activities exchange and display.

         Based on Beijing and radiating Tianjin and Hebei, the "public welfare gathering" is divided into five parts, namely "exhibition", "negotiation", "product", "employment" and "discussion", aiming to create a "public welfare gathering" integrating style display, interactive communication and supply-demand docking. As a "hub type social organization in Beijing", Beijing multi mediation Development Association was invited to participate in the event. The activities covered all aspects from point to area. In different forms, such as brochures sending, exhibition board introduction, video playing, sketch and chorus, the activities not only introduced the business scope and work achievements of the members of mediation organizations of the association in detail, but also deeply publicized the establishment background, social functions, work contents and achievements of the association. During the activity, there were constant consultants, leaders of the association exchanged and interacted with leaders of Beijing Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprises Association and other organizations. Members of the association, such as the securities dispute mediation center of China Securities Association, visited the meeting one after another.

      The essay "tune and judgment", which is organized by the Association for the promotion of food safety, elaborates the seven advantages of mediation through a case study, so that the audience can have a deeper understanding of the mediation work of the association through the intuitive performance form; the chorus "the song of the Propaganda Group for popularizing the law on food safety law" organized and performed by the Promotion Association will gather the public welfare into the stage with sonorous and powerful singing and magnificent momentum It has been pushed to a climax, showing the spirit of Beijing multi mediation Development Association, and won applause from the audience. Through participating in the "3rd Beijing social welfare gathering", more and more social masses, enterprises and social organizations have a very in-depth understanding of Beijing multi mediation Development Promotion Association, and have reached corresponding docking and cooperation intentions, which has played a positive role in helping the social public welfare, integrating social resources and resolving social conflicts in the next step!